Hajj Registration Form

Each individual/accompanying family member must complete Hajj Registration Form Seperately


Terms & Conditions

1761675 Ontario Inc. O/A AL FALAH HAJJ & UMRAH SERVICES referred to hear as AL FALAH assumes no responsibility or liability in connection with the accommodation or the services of any means of travel/transport, whether by aircraft, motorcar, motor coach or other conveyance which may be used in operation wholly or in part of this HAJJ, nor will be responsible for or assume liable for injury, damage, death, loss, additional expenses, accident, whatsoever, including defect or failure in any vehicle or means of transportation, through the acts or defaults or any company or person engaged in conveying the passenger or providing transportation to the passenger or carrying out arrangements of the HAJJ or any occasion directly or indirectly by the acts of GOD (ALLAH), delay or changes in schedules, overbooking or sickness, weather strikes, war, quarantines, epidemic, pilferage, customs, immigration regulations or other acts or circumstances beyond AL Falah control. All such losses or expenses will have to be borne by the passenger (Haji).

AL FALAH, its directors and Hajj group leaders personally or collectively will not be held accountable for any responsibility or liability of any delay, injury, damage, any kind of medical expenses, or loss of life or limb, possessions, bag and baggage due to any reason within or beyond Al FALAH control.

Furthermore, AL FALAH shall not be liable for refund, partial or in full of the fee paid by Haji (Passenger), once the arrangements between AL FALAH and Moallim or the hotels, building in MAKKAH and/or MADINAH have been made/finalized, and in the event that after the arrangements have been made with AL FALAH to travel with group and fail to show up at the appointed time and place to meet the departure schedule.

AL FALAH shall reserve the right to withdraw, or alter any such arrangements as they see fit with reasonable notice in order to be effective as a service organization for the betterment of the Hajj group collectively. No refund will be made for any unused portion of the Hajj travel schedule.

Al Falah Hajj does not provide any sort of insurance such as travel, medical, personal, baggage, cancellation etc.

Cancellation Policy

  • All cancellations requests must be received in writing, 90 days prior to departure date and will be subjected to cancellation charges of CAD 1500 per person. Cancellation charges will be applied for Administration fee and any additional penalties or charges may be incurred/imposed by Hotel/Airline/Bus companies etc.
  • Any Cancellation request received less than 90 days prior to departure date for whatever cause or reason such as illness, change of plan, family or work related emergency, death, etc. is (100%) Non Refundable.
  • Al Falah will not be responsible for any refund and/or Cancellation charges for expenses incurred, if Hajj Visa being denied by The Embassy of The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for any given reason

I, , have read, understood and agreed to the above mentioned Terms and Conditions. Furthermore, I will comply with Al Falah rules & regulations and in no circumstance will interfere or cause any hindrance to the operation of Al Falah. Moreover, I give my Full consent to Al Falah Hajj & Umrah Services to share any/all personal information with governments/Law enforcement agencies and Hajj related authorities.

I certify that the above information given in this form is true to the best of my knowledge, and that I have given this information and declaration of my own free will.

I further agree that AL FALAH is not responsible for any personal or political activity what so ever that I may ever engage with.

*Price / Package and Date are subject to change without further notice.


Requirement for Registration:

  • Hajj Registration form
  • Copy of valid Passport for at least Six Months from the date of departure with 4 blank pages
  • Copy of Mahram certificate for Ladies and Children (Marriage / Long Birth certificate with parent's detail)
  • Deposit of $5000 per person is required at the time of Registration.


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